Information Technology has rapidly evolved from a “Business Luxury” to a “Business Necessity” for companies whether they are operating around the world or around the corner. Managing and deploying these technologies can help drive revenue and increase efficiency but without the proper resources or skills, these costs can overwhelm your company’s bottom-line.

At Catalyst Computer Technologies we want to be your partner as we help you discover endless management possibilities for your IT infrastructure. Our Team of Technical Sales Specialists, Engineers and Team leaders are experts in solution driven successes for our clients. We have a wide background of IT expertise in a variety of verticals including Healthcare Services, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Green Technologies.

Call us today to speak with one of our helpful Technical Sales Specialists to see what we can do for your business. From server deployment, backups and user management to help desk services for your employees computers and laptops, we are here 24/7 to help. Whether you are an organization of 50 or 500, we have the most modern IT tools available to unlock the full potential of your technology today and moving forward to tomorrow.

We have exciting news! Catalyst has been awarded a Government Services Contract. We are honored to have been awarded this contract and look forward to providing services to our public service partners.

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Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Having worked in Corporate America early in my career I now realize just how spoiled I was. I had easy and unlimited access to an IT department that quickly resolved all of my computer needs and ensured that my team was always up and running. When I entered the chamber of commerce profession I instantly became a small business operator and truly came to appreciate and understand the challenges that small and medium sized businesses face.

I became the Bookkeeper, the HR Specialist, the Janitor and the job I was least qualified for…the IT support. Although the Chandler Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers in Arizona, we are a small business. However, with Catalyst Computer Technologies, we have the IT support that the big companies enjoy at an affordable rate. Catalyst ensures that our network, all of our computers and website are operating at their maximum capacity and down time is never an issue. Thank you Catalyst Computer Technologies.

Jerry Bustamante, Former President/CEO, Chandler Chamber of Commerce

Desert Oncology

The value it’s tremendous, they’re able to do way more for us than a full-time IT person could do for us, and of course at a far less cost than a full-time IT person would cost. That alone gives us more flexibility, more constant help and at a lower overall cost than to do it ourselves… well,where we were before them was nowhere, with computers, I mean we were as simple as you could get, and now I feel like we’re probably as detailed and as complicated as you can get in a medical office, and we would not be there without them.

Julie Casillas, Practice Administrator, Desert Oncology Associates LLP

Engenuity Systems

We have been working with Catalyst Computer Technologies for several years now. As a high-tech company, Engenuity is certainly capable of managing our own IT equipment. However, we continue to do business with Catalyst Computer Technologies today because they have proven to be a cost effective alternative to bringing this in-house. They are responsive to our needs and growth, their response to emergencies is timely and complete, and their staff is courteous and knowledgeable. What else could you ask for?

Tracy Markie, President, Engenuity Systems

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