There are several antivirus programs out there on the market. Figuring out which one is right for your company can be difficult. Here are a few things to take into consideration when shopping for antivirus protection.


Many free antivirus services have only the most basic level of security. Paid antivirus programs may provide more versatility, as well as paid-subscription packages that include features like spam filtering, online backup, file encryption, and system performance analysis.

Scanning and Detection Features

A good antivirus program will automatically detect threats, and scan compressed folders and drives. It should also include the ability to schedule scans and the ability to recover infected files.

Antivirus programs should be able to recognize all types of viruses, not just the major ones. Their virus databases should be frequently updated. This ensures that the computer is protected against viruses as soon as they are discovered by IT security professionals. Ideally, the update process should be automatic. If manual intervention is required, then a user might forget to update the program. This would put their computer at risk.


Even with all of these features, a capable antivirus program should not significantly affect the computer’s processing power. In addition to enhancing virus detection, automatic updates can also improve the efficacy of an antivirus program’s scans and prevent any major performance problems.

Usability is a crucial element in comparing antivirus programs. The best software in the world won’t be much good if you don’t know how to use it. Easy-to-read menus and simple interfaces are strong selling points when you are looking to get an antivirus program.

Customer Service

Different antivirus services offer different customer support options. Many of these businesses promise to provide their paying customers with technical support throughout their subscription periods. However, some antivirus software companies have their customers fill out forms in order to contact technical support, instead of simply directing them to a phone service.

Other companies have a customer support hotline but differentiate between their services. For example, an antivirus program’s basic plan may only offer technical support during business hours and limit the contact points for receiving support. In contrast, a more premium plan may offer 24/7 access to technical support and let up to six people serve as contact points for receiving support.

Potential customers should keep these differences in mind when comparing antivirus services.


Choosing the right antivirus program is an important decision. Companies that are in the market for an antivirus service should be sure to consider these crucial factors. Contact us for more help in finding the best IT tools for your organization.