IT tech support you need.

Catalyst Computer Technologies’ proactive managed IT services plans eliminate the surprises of keeping your network up and running. For a low monthly fee, Catalyst can provide the IT tech support you need. According to Network Computing magazine an XP machine on a managed plan costs $658 per year less to operate. Our proactive managed IT service plans help businesses even out their support costs. No surprises in your monthly budget. We realize that time is money. We’ve combined best practices on eight routine preventative steps to ensure that your machine avoids breakdown. We measure our success by prevention.

But should something happen, we can provide services remotely. Instead of waiting for an IT professional to arrive at your office, we can fix most issues from our corporate service center 24/7. Remote servicing allows Catalyst to keep your downtime to a minimum and to assist clients all over the country.

What are managed IT services?

Today’s business is highly dependent on technology and efficiency. Simply put, you can’t afford any downtime. Catalyst Computer Technologies keeps your computers and network running all the time. The secret is proactive managed IT services.

pro·ac·tive pronunciation: (?)pro-’ak-tiv [pro- + reactive] : acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes

A Catalyst managed service plan is all about being proactive. Catalyst uses a proactive approach to mitigate issues before they begin to affect your business. This affordable plan includes everything your business needs for IT support. You’ll get full-time support for less than a part-time, on-site IT professional. The services detailed below are just a small part of what Catalyst’s clients are already receiving.

Desktop Support

You and your employees will have a virtually unlimited tech support team at their disposal. Catalyst combines industry leading SLA’s with a U.S. based support team to support you and your business.

Network Management and Support

Your network and computers need to be secure. Catalyst’s IT service plan includes enterprise-level antivirus and antispyware software at no additional cost. Catalyst manages the users on your network and will set up security based on your policies. No one has time to deal with spam so Catalyst prevents up to 98% of e-mail-born spam from entering your network and e-mail system.

Server Monitoring and Management

Catalyst provides 24×7 server monitoring and support. This makes sure that your most critical network piece is ready to work whenever you are. With included services such as data backup and disaster recovery planning, you can rest assured knowing your network is both stable and secure.

Proactive Support

Technology infrastructure security is a continual process of identifying weaknesses, finding solutions, and implementing changes. Businesses concerned about the protection of data–often including sales records, customer information, emails, spreadsheets, databases etc.–implement processes to *proactively* handle threats before they can negatively affect your business.

Just some of what our proactive approach to security includes:

  • Enterprise-grade spam, spyware, malware and virus protection, routinely upgraded to protect you from the latest threats. High-quality scanning systems are mandatory in all real-world business systems, and will be managed for you
  • Firewalls systems to prevent unauthorized access to your computer systems from Internet users
  • Secure e-mail access to protect you from eavesdropping and accidental disclosure of confidential information
  • Automated deployment of Microsoft updates
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN). A VPN allows you securely log in to your business computers when you are at home, on the road, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Connections to your business network through a VPN are encrypted to prevent eavesdropping and authenticated such that only approved users have remote access

For more information on how Catalyst can bring your IT to a whole new level, please feel free to contact us, or submit a request for a comprehensive network assessment.



Remote Managed Service Plans

IT Services & Tech Support for businesses

Your business is highly dependent on technology and you can’t afford down time. Are you looking for supplemental IT services and tech support? Your business currently has a technically savvy person who provides tech support but is not an full-time IT professional. Or maybe you have a full-time IT person who gets a little bit overwhelmed. Either way, Catalyst Computer Technologies can help with the perfect IT service plan to meet your needs.

The Remote Managed Service Plan is for businesses looking to supplement their computer support. Hire Catalyst to make sure your computers, network, and servers are always monitored and problems are avoided. Catalyst will work closely with your existing computer support staff to assist in meeting your tech support needs. All of the services below are included in the plan so your business gets the IT services it needs and you stay within budget.

Tech Support

You and your employees will have virtually unlimited tech support. Catalyst’s response times are excellent and the technicians easy to work with!

Network Management

Your network and computers need to be secure. Catalyst’s IT service plan includes enterprise-level antivirus and antispyware software at no additional cost. Catalyst manages the users on your networkand will set up security based on your policies. No one has time to deal with spam so Catalyst prevents up to 98% of e-mail-born spam from entering your network and e-mail system.

Server Management

Server monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Catalyst’s system will notify us and your on-site technical staff when one of your servers is down. Catalyst provides an inventory of hardware and software, helping you keep track of your assets. The detailed reports can even show how many memory slots are unused in a server without anyone even opening it up! Data backups are critical so you don’t lose important information. Catalyst creates off-site copies so your data is always recoverable. Catalyst can host your website at no additional cost.

Catalyst’s Remote Managed Service Plan supplements your business’ existing computer support & IT services. For a low monthly fee, Catalyst can provide the IT tech support you need.

IT Strategy

Many companies lay a foundation that will support their business today. Smart companies create a foundation that will accommodate future growth. Catalyst Computer Technologies ensures that your network meets your needs today and beyond the five-year-plan. We want to design a system that expands as you grow. This role includes developing, maintaining, and facilitating implementation of a sound and integrated IT architecture.

Whether you are adding locations or just laptops, Catalyst will develop, maintain and facilitate the design and installation of your IT structure. Making sure your network is at its peak is our mission. After all, your business isn’t stagnate. Neither should be your IT network.

Partnering with Catalyst Computer Technologies provides your business with a part-time Chief Information Architecture Officer (CIO). A CIO ensures that your company’s technology investments align with strategic business objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible. This role includes developing, maintaining, and facilitating implementation of a sound and integrated IT architecture within a managed budget, as well as identifying new areas of business optimization.

When your business uses technology, it is important to have a thorough, solid strategic plan behind it to maximize every invested dollar. At Catalyst Computer Technologies, we understand that technology should facilitate and improve your business, not become a complicated liability. With Catalyst’s expansive industry experience at the helm of your IT infrastructure, we act as your business partner first and technology vendor second. We meet with you on a quarterly basis, or more often if necessary, to meaningfully integrate, modify and modify technology into your company.

Our clients look to us to provide honest answers to the most difficult technology-related questions. Your Catalyst CIO will provide answers, recommendations and oversight on these issues, and will be held responsible for the successful implementation of those information technology goals.

Catalyst has become a leading Managed IT Services Provider by providing companies such as yours with the applied technological wisdom to properly support and grow your infrastructure far into the future. We would love to start the process of improving your IT systems with a free call today, and look forward to learning about your business.


Catalyst recognizes that hardware and software purchasing decisions are tough. Hardware and software marketing is often wrought with obscure technology terms, making purchasing decisions tough.

Rather than risk making the wrong decisions, Catalyst Computer Technologies’ staff serves as your IT procurement department, giving a one-stop shop for your technology purchasing and licensing needs.

Here are the benefits of using Catalyst as your IT procurement department:

Technology Assessments

  • We identify the best hardware, software, and networking equipment available for your business context, resulting in greatly reduced risk of incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant purchasing decisions.
  • Up-to-date decision-making on the latest market trends and business best practices.
  • Equipment provided by the world’s largest technology vendors.

Cost Savings

  • Extremely competitive pricing by leveraging Catalyst’s bulk purchasing power.
  • Greater pricing options by using our selection of the largest technology vendors available.

Vendor Licensing Partnerships

  • Vendor licensing can be a confusing task. Our expert staff works hand in hand with each vendor to make sure proper licensing is purchased.
  • Setup of new systems using software you have already appropriately licensed.

Order Fulfillment

  • A detailed fulfillment process using an efficient ticketing system that provides information on tracking and shipping.
  • Worry-free installation as covered by your Catalyst service plan.

While Catalyst is a great option for many organizations looking for a more robust support solution, we acknowledge we may not be a great fit for everyone. Catalyst looks to work with groups in the SMB space that are looking to achieve rapid growth, with technology as a cornerstone of their organization. Whether you’re a staff of 15 or 150, if growth is your goal, Catalyst will provide you the enterprise level service you need to achieve it.

Catalyst is a firm believer that managed support is truly a partnership where the wins and losses are felt by both sides. We aim to partner with businesses looking to take the steps necessary to take them and their team, to the next level. Catalyst will work with you to create a technology road map that will grow and evolve with your business. With our CIO consulting services, you can keep an eye on your future, while making sure the network you have in place today is fully supported. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or upgrading and expanding your current network, Catalyst has the plan and experience to help you reach your long term goals.

“Although the Chandler Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers in Arizona, we are a small business. However, with Catalyst Computer Technologies, we have the IT support that the big companies enjoy at an affordable rate. Catalyst ensures that our network, all of our computers and website are operating at their maximum capacity and down time is never an issue.”

Terri Kimble – Chandler Chamber of Commerce