We understand your business.

At Catalyst, we recognize that our client’s technology needs are as unique as the business they run. While many businesses want to be all things to all people, here at Catalyst we have never embraced that philosophy. What we do strive for is to be the subject matter experts in the industries we specifically target. Whether it is working with EMR systems for our healthcare clients, PACS Servers for Vets, or exploring cloud solutions with our education clients, we strive to understand not just your business but the industry as a whole.

In the ever changing world of healthcare technology, there will always be a need to not only implement new strategies, but also maintain the equipment integral to making these strategies long-term solutions. Healthcare industries are increasingly moving towards new methods to increase efficiencies and the quality of patient care. With the ever present requirements of HIPPA compliance as well as patient record regulation and retention, technology has moved from a novelty and luxury for “high-end” practices to a mission critical necessity integral in the success of any medical organization. While more and more organizations are moving to implement new technologies, like electronic medical records, many are not actively engaging in supporting and maintaining their technology infrastructure so that they and their patients are able to reap the benefits. Technology, like most complex systems, is only as good as its last checkup.

“Where we used to fight for paper and hunt for charts for hours….now everything’s on the computer and we can get it…that’s a huge thing and a time saver for our office…If the system’s down then we have no patient records, so Catalyst has kept us going at all times for the last three years.” 

Julie Casillas – Desert Oncology Case Study

The technology used in veterinary medicine has come a long way during the past two decades. Where technology was once seen as a luxury in the veterinary space, it is now seen an integral tool necessary to provide patients with the best available care. As this trend continues, it is more pertinent than ever to make sure these new tools are not only maintained, but also maximized to achieve their full potential. Too many times in veterinary care, we see investments of thousands of dollars in equipment being underutilized, and, in many situations, adding more cost than efficiency. Whether it is the implementation of new technology, such as new practice management software, or leveraging what is already in place, Catalyst can work with you to create a technology road map that fits your vision and your budget.

A few staples of veterinary world that Catalyst is already working with:

PACS Servers and Imaging Software Systems

EMR/Practice Management Systems



Custom Builds

Label Making Hardware and Software

“Catalyst helped design and deploy our entire IT infrastructure, so they have been a vital partner thus far in the life of our business. They allow me to sleep easy at night knowing that I have a company available with tremendous technical abilities and dedication to assist us in any emergency, or during our day to day needs.” 

Mike Parks – Charleston Veterinary Referral Center

While security is a priority and requirement for just about every business in today’s world, financial institutions stand head–and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to these needs. With regulatory requirements constantly in flux, financial institutions need a road map that is as comprehensive as it is focused. Financial groups are constantly looking for ways to balance the need to stay on the cutting edge of technology while maintaining strict compliance with the vast amount of regulations that govern their business practices. Whether it is implementing new network technologies, or upgrading security protocols, Catalyst provides the financial community with  a technology partner who possesses experience in navigating the turbulent regulatory waters. While adhering to regulatory clients is an absolute must, Catalyst also works to help their customers enhance the customer experience. Whether it is implementing a secure public Wi-Fi network, or upgrading network infrastructure to reduce time customers spend in queue, Catalyst strives to elevate all areas of the customer experience. Catalyst can work as a sole IT administrator or an augmented partner making sure you and your organization reach both your business and technology goals.

Like many other areas today, education is racing to embrace the benefits of advances in technology. What started as simply introducing computers as a tool to augment learning, has now become a fully integrated and interactive approach to education. While these implementations open the door to a wide range of opportunities, they also must be tightly regulated and monitored to ensure that they remain an effective educational tool. It will always be a balancing act when trying to incorporate new innovations, while working to control the student experience. Catalyst has been a partner for educational institutes who are looking to walk this line of education and innovation. Some of the advantages Catalyst provides educational clients are:

  • Familiarity with E-Rate
  • GSA Contract Holder
  • In depth knowledge of educational regulations
  • Experience in working with security requirements
  • RFP response experience

No matter what your directive is, Catalyst is the partner to help you accomplish it. With a wide breadth of experience to draw from, Catalyst will guide you through your options and find the solution that benefits you and your students.

 “As one would expect, technology in education has moved very, very fast in the most recent decade. With no signs of slowing down, this trend presents a great challenge to administrators who are looking to balance innovation, while adhering to budget constraints. Catalyst has been a constant companion of St. Tim’s and has worked with us to implement new technologies and best practices, while helping us maintain a safe learning environment for our students.”

Paula Rivera – At St. Tim’s Parish

While Catalyst is a great option for many organizations looking for a more robust support solution, we acknowledge we may not be a great fit for everyone. Catalyst looks to work with groups in the SMB space that are looking to achieve rapid growth, with technology as a cornerstone of their organization. Whether you’re a staff of 15 or 150, if growth is your goal, Catalyst will provide you the enterprise level service you need to achieve it.

Catalyst is a firm believer that managed support is truly a partnership where the wins and losses are felt by both sides. We aim to partner with businesses looking to take the steps necessary to take them and their team, to the next level. Catalyst will work with you to create a technology road map that will grow and evolve with your business. With our CIO consulting services, you can keep an eye on your future, while making sure the network you have in place today is fully supported. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or upgrading and expanding your current network, Catalyst has the plan and experience to help you reach your long term goals.

“Although the Chandler Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers in Arizona, we are a small business. However, with Catalyst Computer Technologies, we have the IT support that the big companies enjoy at an affordable rate. Catalyst ensures that our network, all of our computers and website are operating at their maximum capacity and down time is never an issue.”

Terri Kimble – Chandler Chamber of Commerce

While Catalyst specializes in providing comprehensive IT support, we also have a wide range of staff augmentation offerings as well. While there is an inherent value to having an IT professional on staff, many times attempting to scale a department appropriately can be cost prohibitive. When aggregating the costs of a new employee it quickly becomes apparent that salary and benefits are not the only costs. Every minute spent training a new employee, is time that would be better spent moving your company forward. Catalyst offers a simpler solution to keep your business doing just that.

Catalyst provides an affordable option that lets you rapidly deploy necessary resources into your organization. Essentially, you have the ability to launch an entire support team for a fraction of the cost of a single additional employee. Catalyst will work with your internal IT staff to maintain a uniform vision of your organization’s technological goals. Leveraging existing in house staff, while augmenting cost effective resources, allows you to support the network you built without abandoning your budget.

Catalyst Help Desk Benefits:

  • No “after-hours” fees – full 24/7 support
  • No holiday fees
  • No escalation fees
  • Flat monthly investment for all help desk needs
  • White label support options

“Catalyst has provided Strix a high quality, reasonably priced scalable solution for our support organization’s needs. The cost associated with building out an entire support organization can be significant.  Simply put, Catalyst provides a much better option.”

Martin Levetin – Strix Systems