Stay secure from downtime.

In a world where opportunities are measured in seconds, not minutes, downtime is a cost your business cannot afford. Over the past decade businesses have become more susceptible to dangers of downtime due to the hyper-competitiveness of many modern industries. Making sure that your business has the tools to continue moving forward, regardless of what is thrown at it, is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Catalyst uses best practices with regards to redundancy processes that make sure your business is not only as secure from downtime as possible, but also has the ability to recover quickly if the unthinkable does occur.

Catalyst Backup and Recovery Solution

The single most critical tool for any business is data. Information. It is what guides business practices and facilitates growth. Without it, a business does not have the tools necessary for success. This is why we at Catalyst are not only firm believers in properly backing up data, but also in having an effective strategy for recovering it. In today’s fast paced business environment, it is not sensible to have to wait months, weeks, days or even hours to recover from a network failure. Catalyst as worked with disaster recovery partners worldwide to create a system we are willing to put our name.

Using a proprietary system, we are able to establish not only an onsite, but also an offsite replica of your data. In the event of a server failure, Catalyst can “spin-up” an identical image of your server and have you and your business moving forward, instead of standing still.

For more information on how Catalyst can bring your IT to a whole new level, please feel free to contact us, or submit a request for a comprehensive network assessment.

Disaster Recovery

Does your company have a tested disaster recovery plan?

Disasters can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as hard disk failing to something as significant as a building burning down with all of your data inside.  Disasters are very difficult to predict, and often businesses cannot recover when they occur because they have failed to prepare.

Planning is essential for any kind of disaster and involves taking the necessary steps to ensure your data can be recovered in a guaranteed and timely fashion.  Taking these necessary steps will ensure that your business small, large will be able to survive any unexpected disaster.

Let Catalyst Computer Technologies back up your data. We will back up your data regularly and protect you against different kinds of disasters, large and small. With our proven solution in place, we take what might otherwise be a business-threatening disaster and turn it into nothing more than a simple inconvenience. Our backups are both onsite as well as off-site.  We can back your data as regularly as hourly, daily or monthly, whichever is most appropriate for your situation. The important thing is Catalyst will see that the backups happen and that the data is not corrupted.

Our off-site backups ensure that if a disaster happens locally such as a building burning down in a fire, you can still retrieve your data from any location outside of the office.  We also ensure the data integrity of the off-site backups so that if you ever need to retrieve your data, you will not need to worry if it is corrupted.

All of Catalyst backups are encrypted and secure, which ensures your data cannot be hacked by any individuals inside or outside of the organization. This is how Catalyst provides security for both onsite and off-site backups.  Data loss due to stolen devices such as desktop, laptops and servers has reached epidemic proportions. Catalyst ensures that if your information ends up in the hands of unauthorized users, they are not able to access the data.  This level of encryption and security protects your business and ensures your data is always accessible to only those people that should have access to it.

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