CryptoWall: The Latest in Ransomware and Cyber Crime

Over the last year, authorities have been fighting a series of ransomware viruses — first CryptoLocker, then CryptoDefense, and now Cryptowall. CryptoLocker infected over 500,000 computers and although only 1.3% of the victims paid the ransom, the criminals are believed ...
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5 Simple Tips to Make Your Outlook Life Easier

If you're a busy businessperson, Outlook is the center of your communication. Customers are moving from phone calls to emails, so you need to cater to customer preferences. To keep up with customer emails, Outlook 2013 has several options you ...
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What You Need to Know About the Heartbleed Bug

If you've visited a website in the last three years, you've likely been affected by what many consider the single worst security vulnerability to ever hit the Internet. This weakness, known as the Heartbleed bug, occurs in the popular OpenSSL ...
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Business Development Executive Richard Ochoa joins Catalyst Computer Technologies

We're excited to introduce Richard Ochoa as the latest addition to the Catalyst team. Richard was born in Orange County California, but grew up in Tucson and Las Vegas. He has been in the Valley for over 6 years. Since ...
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>Network security starts with the user

Network security is of the utmost importance. In addition to proper safety measures, companies must be cognizant of any potential risks that could threaten the security of private data and compromise profitability. All actions regarding the protection of sensitive information ...
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Advancing technology increases importance of managed services

As technology evolves, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up and amend strategies that support best practices. Procedural shifts become commonplace as new solutions limit the effectiveness of existing operations and force new IT practices. According to a ...
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