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The Cloud means no more stormy weather


     Many small firms are pretty busy handling their own business, and don’t give much thought to what they would do if a natural disaster from a bad snowstorm […]

The Cloud means no more stormy weather2018-12-25T16:15:27+00:00

Your front door is talking


    If you’ve been following the news, the Internet of Things is getting increasing attention. You’re probably also thinking this is some Silicon Valley fancy thing that will take […]

Your front door is talking2018-12-18T16:13:26+00:00

NPO’s and volunteer security nightmare


    Not-for-profits have an unusual issue regarding security. Firms that have trained, paid full-time employees have a strong level of control over the actions of their workers. NPOs, however, […]

NPO’s and volunteer security nightmare2018-12-11T16:09:28+00:00

How to Spot a Phishing Attack


Would you know if you were the subject of a phishing attack [insert link to first blog]? Many people claim that they’d be able to tell right away if they […]

How to Spot a Phishing Attack2018-12-04T19:51:09+00:00

Security and your sub-contractors


    So you feel relatively comfortable that you have created cyber security around your data and your employees are trained to avoid security errors in their day-to-day business ( […]

Security and your sub-contractors2018-12-04T16:01:14+00:00

Cyber Crime and Security for SMBs


    Did you know the illicit trading of personal data was worth $3.88 billion last year? Cybercrime is a growing industry known for its innovation. It goes far beyond […]

Cyber Crime and Security for SMBs2018-11-27T15:53:00+00:00

Breaking Down Phishing


Breaking Down Phishing While the number of people falling for sending personal information to the crown prince of Nigeria in hopes of receiving his promised wealth and riches seems to […]

Breaking Down Phishing2018-11-21T19:27:12+00:00

Government regulations


     Any business that stores customer payment information must comply with a number of state and federal regulations. The legal, healthcare, and financial sectors have a number of laws […]

Government regulations2018-11-20T15:47:15+00:00

Higher goals get dragged down by Tech: The NPO story


    If you are a smaller Not-for-Profit, it is likely that your organization has been driven from its inception by individuals strongly motivated with a passion for their cause […]

Higher goals get dragged down by Tech: The NPO story2018-11-13T15:34:39+00:00

Password basics people still ignore


    You can have all the locks on your data center and have all the network security available, but nothing will keep your data safe if your employees are […]

Password basics people still ignore2018-11-06T15:30:22+00:00
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